Youth Discipleship

The discipleship traits and techniques we are modeling to our children should mirror what we desire for their discipleship lives in adulthood. Believing this, we have modeled our Youth Discipleship after the three pillars of The Common Place: The Gathering, Gospel Communities, and DNA Groups.

Youth Discipleship

In the earliest grades, parents and the family unit are seen as the most influential and important factors in our children's spiritual development. Youth Discipleship, then, focuses on giving parents a springboard for the home devotional life, teaching through the Bible over three years and providing five-day devotionals for the parents to do throughout the course of each week at home. By God's grace, as children grow and mature they are phased into other aspects of TCP with the hope that they will be fully functioning members of the church family by their final high school years, knowing what it means to be a believer, a disciple, a disciple-maker, and an essential component of the local church body.

Missional Living

One important aspect of our Youth Discipleship is our missional living. We desire to model to our children a life lived seeking out the broken, lost, and hurting wherever the Lord places us. To that end, each age group connects with a portion of the community to love on, invite in, bless, and encourage alongside of their teachers and parents. This has included hosting play/craft dates, delivering meals, celebrating Christmas together, and much more!

DNA Groups

Once youth reach high school, the focus moves to helping them know how to be a disciple, a disciple-maker, and a fully incorporated member of the local church family. Youth are fully involved in their family's Gospel Community, participate at The Gathering, and are encouraged to be involved in a DNA (Discover, Nurture, Act) group. DNA groups are comprised of 3-4 same-gendered people who meet regularly to discover who Jesus is and what he has done through the study of his Word, nurture each other by speaking truth and providing accountability, and acting on this new belief by living it out and telling others.

Explore Our Curriculum

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