Gospel Communities

What is a Gospel Community?

We believe that the primary role of the church is to live out her gospel identity as a family of disciples on mission; a community built on the gospel and engaged in bringing the kingdom of God to bear in all of our ordinary, everyday lives. Common Place's primary way of living this out is not at our Sunday morning Gathering, but instead in our Gospel Communities. These are communities of individuals and families that are learning to live life together as a gospel people. We eat, laugh, pray, and worship in our homes and in the midst of our circles of influence, inviting those searching for community to eat, laugh, pray, and worship alongside of us that we may be a display of what God's family looks like (by his grace alone) in everyday life.

When do Gospel Communities (GCs) meet?

Each Gospel Community (GC) chooses its own rhythm for meeting. Some GCs meet after The Gathering on Sundays, some meet early evenings mid-week, some have irregular meeting days because that is what works best for their GC family. You will be sure to find a GC whose rhythm of life matches your own!

What can I expect at a GC?

Each GC looks a little different, but some of the core components that can be observed in every group are the sharing of a meal, times of prayer and encouragement, and the sharing of our stories - how God has revealed Himself in our lives and the lives of others. Our GCs strive to truly see one another as family, and therefore connect frequently throughout the week - either through texts, calls, play dates, or coffee dates. Other aspects of GCs that you may experience include worship through music, laying on of hands in prayer, expository study of the Bible, a book or video study, and tangible blessings to others. Our desire is that our love of God will overflow into true love of others, which is revealed most strongly in our GCs. To read more about the gospel rhythms for Gospel Communities, read pages 19-25 here. *Note: Missional community = Gospel community.

How can I connect with a GC?

Simple! Click on this link to discover what GCs are currently meeting and when, click on a group, and request to join! A co-leader of that group will be in touch with you to make sure you get the details for their next GC.