DNA Groups

What is a DNA group?

DNA groups are comprised of 3-4 same-gendered people who meet regularly to discover who Jesus is and what he has done through the study of his Word, nurture each other by speaking truth and providing accountability, and acting on this new belief by living it out and telling others. This time is comprised of in-depth expositional study of the Word, revealing areas of unbelief in our own hearts. These areas of unbelief are then countered with the truth of the gospel, which leads us to live a life based on the truth revealed to us. DNA groups are where you will most experience knowing and being known by others.

When does a DNA group meet?

Each DNA group chooses its own time and location to meet. We encourage groups to meet 2-4 times each month.

How do I get connected with a DNA group?

Anyone may start a DNA group at any time by pursuing others on their own. If you would like a little help finding one or two people to meet with, we would love to get you connected with others in the congregation! Reach out to an elder directly and we'll find people to walk alongside you as we discover, nurture, and act on the Truth and conviction of God's Word together.

More About DNA Groups

Watch this excellent video by SOMA about DNA groups and how we grow to become more and more like Christ through intimate relationship with other believers centered on the study of God's Word.