The Common Place

Our mission is to be disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus on the mission field of our everyday lives until every man, woman, and child in northwest Iowa and beyond is having a daily encounter with Jesus.

Seeing & Sharing Jesus in Every Day Life

We believe that "church" is more than a building or meeting time. "Church" is God's family of disciples on mission making disciples of Jesus in our ordinary, everyday lives.

Every Sunday we come together as one gathered church to sing, give, listen, celebrate, and be equipped in Gospel word and living. We worship the Father, serve the Son, and are sent by the Spirit to live and proclaim the Gospel to every one in Sioux County and the world so that all may experience God's family and kingdom.

We believe that the primary role of the church is to live out her gospel identity as a family of disciples on mission; a community built on the gospel and engaged in bringing the kingdom of God to bear in all of our ordinary, everyday lives. Common Place's primary way of living this out is not at our Sunday morning Gathering, but instead in our Gospel Communities. These are communities of individuals and families that are learning to live life together as a gospel people. We eat, laugh, pray, and worship in our homes and in the midst of our circles of influence, inviting those searching for community to eat, laugh, pray, and worship alongside of us that we may be a display of what God's family looks like (by his grace alone) in everyday life.

Our desire is that every person at Common Place would be growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and that it would propel them to act in obedience to his Word. DNA groups are comprised of 3-4 same-gendered people who meet regularly to discover who Jesus is and what he has done through the study of his Word, nurture each other by speaking truth and providing accountability, and acting on this new belief by living it out and telling others. Please contact us to get started in your own DNA group.