Common Place Church began as a gathering of four families in 2013. They had a desire to see Rock Valley, Sioux County, NW Iowa, and the World encountering Jesus in ordinary, everyday life. They saw that living out their identity as a family of disciples on mission was the primary way to BE the Body of Jesus...the Church. We're still a work in the family has grown new experiences, challenges (and plenty of experiments!) have tried to force us into programmatic planning rather than gospel proclamation and living...but God is faithful! The best of this family story is yet to be written and we look forward to being a part of spreading the family all over the world!

A Family Story...

Our Distinctives


To be disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus on the mission field of our everyday lives...


until every man, woman, and child in NW Iowa and beyond is having a daily encounter with Jesus

Our Core Values


Common Place Church

the priority of the Word of God

We are committed to intentionally holding up the Word of God as the center-piece for gathering to worship God. Our gathering, our prayers, our singing, our fellowship, our community, and our mission are directed by and fueled with the frequent proclamation of God’s Word. It is by this reliable, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God that we come to know and learn to serve Jesus.

a family of families

We purpose to be a local church that is comprised of a family of families…one core body that consists of several “gospel communities” that intentionally and frequently meet together to encounter God, encourage each other, and engage our neighbors. We are committed to being one family made up of several unique yet unified communities. As one body of many parts, we expect each member and community to make decisions in concert with the vision and values of the church and to make major decisions in consultation with the church.

mission through community

The “gospel communities” are not held together to merely satisfy our desire for friendship, but they serve as the main venue to live out what God is ministering to us corporately.  They allow us to build one another up in discussion, hold one another up in prayer, and stir one another up to gospel our families, workplaces, and city. Their success is not measured by how long each family meets with the same families but by how many times they multiply to meet the spiritual needs of their neighbors.

equipping through corporate gathering

“Gospel gatherings” are frequent, organized times when each community gathers with the rest to worship God through preaching, singing, prayer, and fellowship.  The work of the pastors/elders during this time is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” so that each person through their role in the body is commissioned and prepared to reveal Jesus to the world. We believe that this is accomplished through the consistent, unified gathering of the body around the Word of God and the deliberate, Spirit-reliant obedience to that Word as a family of families.

the church as people, not a building

We are committed to seeing “church” as God’s people; identified in and representing Jesus Christ. We have the freedom to utilize and enjoy the historical structures and traditions that help us worship God and touch the world without allowing them to force us into conformity.  We see the act of fostering community and relationships as a powerful means of “being the church” and taking the gospel to the sidewalks, homes and workplaces of our city.

everyone as gospel proclaimers

We purpose to see all Christians as uniquely gifted ministers of the gospel in every area of their lives. We commit to empower and equip them to take the kingdom of Jesus into every sphere of life and to challenge them to see “normal” life as a venue for God to do the extraordinary.  We refuse to hire or pay pastors to do ministry “for” us, but instead to equip us to intentionally make Jesus known to the world.

leadership through grace-empowered example

We are committed to being a church that is shepherded by a shared leadership of elders. These leaders are affirmed not by their business prowess but by their grace-empowered ability to lead, teach, and live godly lives among us. Leadership is not about control but instead humble authority that gathers the church around the proclaimed Word of God and lives their lives as examples of ministry endeavor in everyday life. We refuse to make a distinction between paid and non-paid pastors/elders.